The farm is the soul of MARIPOSA and all its activities.
We are practicing and promoting agricultural techniques which maintain and enhance the health of
the soil, water, crops, livestock and the diversity of the environment.

Mike McKay has produced a wonderful video - http://vimeo.com/33625587on MARIPOSA including an interview with Ian.







We take great care in raising our animals.  We raise ducks, geese, poultry and pigs.
MARIPOSA products have a distinctive and unique taste because the tenderness and flavour are directly related to how the animals are raised.
At MARIPOSA farm, all our animals are free ranged, thus enjoying the benefits of sun and fresh air.
All meat is raised free of hormones, chemical products and preservatives.

Part of MARIPOSA sustainability is to help the city of Ottawa to manage their waste.
MARIPOSA supplies a regular weekly pick-up of prep-food (no table scraps) from restaurants.
Our pigs do appreciate this food.

Some our partners are:



Interested participating parties should contact Ian Walker - (613) 673-5881 - iwalker@mariposa-duck.on.ca





All our vegetables are produced without chemical products.
Vegetables are grown in fields and in a greenhouse.
Our crops include: tomatoes, brassica (family of cabbage), greens, carrots, beets and squash and beets.


MARIPOSA has several available gardens - free of charge - for interested people to grow food.


 Revised: 04/01/2017

6468 ch. comté / County Rd. 17, Plantagenet (Ontario) CA, K0B 1L0
Telephone: (613) 673-5881