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Sustainable agriculture, local food and rural life is what we’re all about!

What does Mariposa
Farm Produce?

In addition to offering our own Mariposa ducks, geese, pork and vegetables, we offer a wide selection of top-quality food produced locally on a small-scale by passionate farmers and entrepreneurs.


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The Holiday Season is among us and we have ideas for you!

Mariposa fresh free-range ducks and geese are the perfect birds for the festive menus. The meat flavour is magnificent – full, deep, rich and earthy. We provide recipes! 
A duck weighs roughly 3 kg. 
Price: frozen $ 15/kg and fresh $16/kg. 
A goose weighs roughly 4 kg. 
Price: frozen $16/kg and fresh $18/kg.
Mariposa gift certificates are a great way to turn your relatives and friends on to the local food movement! 
Price: $25/ea
Mariposa’s tuque is a practical and stylish gift for all ages. One size fits all. Colour: Black or Red.
Price: $10

Our product list includes

Our product list includes: duck and duck delicacies, goose, pork, chicken, quails, guinea fowl, rabbit, pheasant, eggs, bison, venison, wild boar, veal, fish, cheese, mushrooms, maple syrup, honey, legumes, oils, vegetables and more.

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How to get
your product?


Our farm store is open Saturday from 9:30 to 4:00.
Our refrigerated and frozen space is limited, we have limited stock.

It’s a good idea to give us a call or email us to confirm that we have in stock what you are looking for.



You want to place an order and visit the farm; our curbside pickup service is for you. Pick up your order on Saturday between 9:30 am and 12:00 pm.

Orders must be received by email only before Thursday 6:00 pm. No minimum order for pick up at the farm.


No time to come to the farm to get your order, we’ll bring it to your door.
Orders for delivery on Monday to be received before Friday 5:00 pm.

Delivery will be left at the door, no need to see you in person.
No set time for delivery, we can call you 15 minutes ahead.
Delivery fees $20.
Area of delivery: Ottawa & Gatineau.
Minimum order of $80 for home delivery.