For Chefs

Mariposa Farm offers best quality products and we work hard to consistently deliver what you need.

What does Mariposa
Farm Produce?

In addition to offering our own Mariposa ducks, geese, pork and vegetables, we offer a wide selection of top-quality food produced locally on a small-scale by passionate farmers and entrepreneurs. Mariposa’s mission is to add local flavours to your menus.


Our product list includes


Duck . Goose . Foie Gras . Chicken . Rabbit
. Quails . Pheasant. Guinea Fowl . Cornish Hens . Venison . Bison . Wild Boar . Pork


Wheels and portioned artisanal, farmstead and commercial cheese of Québec


Seasonal vegetables
locally produced


Maple Syrup . Honey
. Oils . Legumes .
Wood Chips

Delivery schedule:
Our deliveries to the Ottawa-Gatineau region are Mondays and Thursdays.

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